Subway Sandwich Thighs: A Blight Upon Women's Legs in Comics


Please, No More Subway-Sandwich Thighs!

I want to talk about a comic art convention I see from time to time that really gets up my nose. Now, when I say convention, I mean an accepted technique or practice in the field rather than a gathering of gloriously…

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Tutorial: plastic keychains


I know a ton of you have been waiting for this one. Teaching you to make your own plastic keychains!

To start off, I think the biggest question everyone has is what I use to make them. I work with shrink film. You might be familiar with Shinky Dink brand shrink film as a kid. I use…

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A message worth hearing.

Part 2:

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Wicca is the only religion where women are seen as equal to men.. 

Hello I would like you to have a look at these:TaoismSikhismShintoismBahá’í Faith
I cannot guarantee that these sources are reliable, but I refuse to believe that wicca is the only religion in which women and men are seen as equals. If I am completely wrong, you are very welcome to educate me further :)

Also: Shaktism.
Q: who is the artist that painted that wonderful lion painting?


you mean. this one


i have no idea. google image search has let me down and the signature in the corner is illegible and makes it look like it was painted in 2669. it looks like a remnant from the fun eras where people were frequently requested to paint or draw exotic animals that they themselves had never actually seen, and so had to run off of secondhand descriptions of them heres some more


nice teeth

imageall seaturtles were suspected to be weaboo trash


this is a CROCODILE theres a lot more here theyre great

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loverandsynner submitted to medievalpoc:

this was taken at the Museum of London, Docklands - it has a large section about London’s role in slavery, and how slavery contributed to modern racism. 

I think that a lot of museums are finally starting to try and take a more proactive stance on how they present their exhibits and information about them.
For more on this kind of arrangement, I high recommend taking a look at these submissions from xanthy-m on the Swedish Historical Museum:

Oh what was that about black ppl in England not being present?
Since BEFORE THE 1500s?
So yall “historically accurate” fuckers can be quiet

[source: Egerton Genesis Picture Book, England c. 1375]