Dealing with Procrastination

Procrastination; the #1 enemy to writers everywhere. The #2 enemy? Writer’s block. (But we’ll discuss that later.)

Once we hit a high level of procrastination it can get extremely difficult to get back to writing no matter how much, or how little you’ve already written. You know exactly what…

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Q: Hi. I am working on a graphic novel with my brother. I was wondering if you knew of any references for writing comic noir or neo-noir/noir fiction. Thanks.


This genre is often urban and gritty. The morality of noir is ambiguous and the tone is dark, cynical, and corrupt. Noir has a pessimistic style and voice. X


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August Advice: How To Preach To Your Audience and Not Get Caught


Let’s establish one thing right now. Every story has a message. Every author has a bias. Every author has multiple biases. There’s no such thing as something that’s ‘Just A Story’. Anybody who says that clearly doesn’t understand the role that fiction plays in…

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